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8 Trampoline Safety Tips to Always Follow

Posted by Kim Clein on 6/15/2017
8 Trampoline Safety Tips to Always Follow
Trampolines are a staple of outdoor fun. No matter what size you have, your children can have endless hours of fun bouncing on a trampoline.


But you should always ensure that you and your children are practicing trampoline safety.Nearly 250,000 trampoline-related injuries happen in the United States every year. With the proper safety measures in place, it's likely that many of these injuries can be avoided.

Although the trampoline brings memories of carefree playtime, you should take caution when using them. Some trampolines have the ability to send your children high into the sky which can cause serious injury.

Here are 8 trampoline safety tips to always follow:

1. Have a Safe Way to Get On and Off the Trampoline

Trampolines are too tall for many children to climb onto without some assistance. Employ a ladder or step stool to allow your children to exit and enter the trampoline with ease. For an option involving fewer parts, simply purchase a trampoline that is lower to the ground. You may also be able to find trampolines with a mechanism to adjust its height. Otherwise, your children may not be able to hoist themselves onto the trampoline and could get hurt trying to do so.

2. Practice Safe Jumping

It's common for children to attempt flips or other tricks while jumping on a trampoline. This is very unsafe and can lead to serious injury, especially to the head or the neck.When you try to invert yourself while jumping, you may get disoriented. This results in increased difficulty when attempting to land. Not knowing where you're landing creates a hazard to both the jumper and other occupants.

Also, do not attempt to jump too high. If you have a safety net, do not jump higher than its boundaries.If you try to jump too high, you might end up losing your bearings and end up on the ground.

3. Don't Overcrowd the Trampoline

Many people will say that not more than one person should be allowed to bounce on a trampoline at a single time.

This is ideal trampoline safety but that doesn't mean its practical, especially if you are entertaining a large group of children. If you must have multiple people on a single trampoline, make sure that everyone has enough room to jump safely.

Too many children on one trampoline can result in multiple injuries.

4. Make Sure All Springs Are Secure

It's imperative that you ensure all springs holding the mat to the frame are secured before anyone is allowed to jump on the trampoline.

This is something you should check before every jumping session. If a spring is loose or unsecured, someone jumping close to the edge could hurt their feet upon landing.

If multiple springs are loose, you run the risk of the entire trampoline collapsing while children are jumping. This might be one of the worst case scenarios when discussing trampoline accidents.

5. Use a Safety Net

Countless trampoline owners neglect to outfit their trampolines with safety netting, regardless of whether or not one is provided for them from the manufacturer. If the trampoline you purchased does not come with a safety net, you should try to find one from a third-party supplier.

A safety net is an essential part of any trampoline set up. It can prevent anyone from jumping too far off the surface area of the trampoline by creating a barrier. Without a safety net, your children could get badly hurt if they happen to fall off the trampoline.

You should also have padding around the trampoline so it covers the springs. In some trampolines, this may be a part of the safety net, in others, it will be a separate piece.

6. Wear the Right Outfit

This is something that people don't always consider but the clothing you wear while jumping on a trampoline can be a potential hazard.

Never wear clothing that could get caught in the springs. Be weary of clothing with frayed ends. Also, make sure you take off your jewelry before jumping on a trampoline. Lost jewelry pieces can get stuck in a trampoline's mat, causing injury to feet, hands and other exposed skin.

7. Don't Leave Children Unattended

You may be under the impression that children are safe jumping on a trampoline without supervision, especially if they are in a group.

But when it comes to trampolines, dangerous things can happen when you aren't looking. You should always supervise children when they are using the trampoline to make sure that they are using it correctly.

If you are raising some budding acrobats, your watchful eye can keep them out of harm's reach. It's also advised not to allow children under the age of 6 to play on the trampoline. Their muscles may not be strong enough to make controlled jumps, and they can be thrown off the trampoline. 8. Clean off Your Trampoline Before Use

You should also make sure that your trampoline is free of debris and moisture before your children use it. Debris can injure your children's feet and generally interfere with safe jumping practices.

Moisture can result in a slippery surface. As a general rule of thumb, do not attempt to jump on a trampoline if it's still damp after a rainstorm. Wait for it to dry before having fun.

You can attempt to dry it off with a cloth, but the best way to dry off a trampoline is with sunlight.

Trampoline Safety is Paramount

When in doubt, you can always refer to the trampoline manual.

Every trampoline available for purchase comes with a manual that dictates instructions and the trampoline's terms of use. Do not ignore this useful information. It can be an integral part of your trampoline safety plan.

Although a trampoline is seen as a way for your children to have carefree fun, you should always take the proper precautions. Following these safety tips will allow your children to play freely on your trampoline, without worry of injury.

After all, the summertime is for kicking back and enjoying yourself. For more information on trampolines and trampoline accessories, feel free to contact us!



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