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Best Trampoline Buying Guide

This question will be at the top of your list if you are to make a final decision for buying the best trampoline. We understand that Buying the best trampoline is not an easy task, as there are different aspects to be considered before you can make your purchase decision. Here, we will take a lot at some of the main features customers want in the trampolines they buy. But first, you should be able to answer some of the following questions,


What are you trying to use the Trampoline For?

Before making the final decision, it is crucial to determine the type of usage the trampoline is being bought for. That is where the age groups, household segmentation, and individual goals play an imperative role.

Family Trampolines are usually made with a versatile use in mind across different ages. So these are not too big, are mostly round and evenly spread the force. Family trampolines are also known as mini trampolines or rebounders.

Water Trampolines People who are interested in taking watersports to the next level should try from some of the different water trampoline options. They are springless and float in water and can be great fun for people who love to be a part of pool parties and are interested in beach adventures.

Kid Trampolines These are smaller in size, round and come with extra padding and enclosure netting. Frames can also be made of plastic.

Olympic Trampolines Large, rectangular trampolines with extra padding to reduce impact. They require great skill to maintain control so should not be used by common man.

Are you Buying the Safest Trampoline?

Guide to Buy the best trampolineAll the Top rated trampolines in the market give high importance to the safety. The safest trampoline should be smoothly welded and should not accidentally cut people during a bounce. It should have a sturdy metal frame with smooth, rustless pipe edges.If you are opting to buy a Spring trampoline, then it should have covered springs, or if it is for kids that you should look for a trampoline that is springless, less bouncy to add safety for children.

Safety is also considered to be the number one consideration of most parents buying the best trampoline for their children. It is of utmost importance that the kids stay safe and secure while jumping on their trampolines. When buying for young children aged 3 – 10, look for trampolines that offer bounce protection as well as safety enclosures.


Bazoongi Trampolines has exactly what you want. These Trampolines are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and meet the ASTM toy safety standard through their flame-resistant build.They feature fiberglass poles galvanized coating which lend strength and durability to the structure and ensure added safety for the child. The spin-bonded material is very sturdy and hard-wearing and gives extra bounce. The frame padding further protects your kid from harm or injury while jumping.

The trampolines by Skybound are great for your little ones to release those endless reserves of energy, while staying safe at the same time. These innovative products reflect craftsmanship at its best, and the features are incorporated especially keeping your young ones’ safety in mind. The vinyl padding surrounding the trampoline helps to reduce injury, while some trampolines, like this or this, come with padded handlebars to give extra support to the jumper.

Add-ons like protective netting enclosure are great to have but will increase cost. If safety is the number 1 concern for you that you should be looking at Vuly Trampolines (Showing in the picture) that are considered to be the safest. If you want to read more about trampoline safety, you can visit our guide to choosing the safest trampoline.

Is Size And Placement Important?

best trampolines for adultsWhere you will place the trampoline will decide the size and shape of your trampoline, and hence, also the cost. For example, if you have a huge backyard with a family of 5 to 10 members then you should look at the sky bound trampoline with full enclosure that is considered to be the best trampoline for backyards. It has a lightning-quick Enclosure System installation set-up with no bolts, screws, brackets, braces or pole caps. Push-pin technology allows for a fast, easy setup and break-down of the trampoline’s frame and enclosure system.

Getting familiar with Different Shapes

Round This is the shape most of us are familiar with. It boasts an even distribution of springs which helps redirect the users towards the center, for safety and ease. These can be safe for indoor use of kids if this is something you are looking for then you can sift through the Round Trampoline category of the website.

Oval The oval shape gives all the benefits of the round shape, along with an increased surface for jumping. So if you are looking for a round shape but want a greater size without a bigger frame, an oval shape would be the best choice. Jumpking Trampolines offers the best oval trampoline solution and provide a broad range of options in this category.

RectangleThe rectangle shape is the one used by athletes and in Olympics. It gives the most superior, highest bounce and also has a very even bounce. The frame is heavy-duty, and this comes in sizes as large as 17ft. If you have a smaller yard, a rectangle shape would be the best as it utilizes the yard space best.

Square A square shape gives you the benefits of a round and rectangle shape. It can fit in small yards easily and provides more corner to corner space for jumping. It also gives a better bounce and larger jump area than a round shape. Texas trampolines provide the best square trampolines so be sure to look out for the options by clicking on that link.

What type Of Bounce are you looking For?

Selecting the type of bounce is crucial as a lot of people show their resentment if their trampoline is not bouncy enough to meet their jumping routines. This holds true for the kids as well as adults. Having the right type of bounce from the trampoline is important for your children as it can protect them from sustaining any injury or falling out of the trampoline. That is where the Bazoongi kid's bouncers are so good as they provide just the right kind of bounce for the kids, keeping them safe from all the possible accidents while jumping.


Top Fitness ReboundersAs an Adult depending on the body’s stamina, you should choose between hard rebounders and soft rebounders. If you’re looking for a way to exercise outdoors, the Hard Bounce Rebounders category (Also knows as the mini exercise trampoline) is suited for gymnasts who like a challenge. These trampolines are made from resilient, hard-wearing material that gives a solid, hard bounce, allowing you to stretch your muscles and exercise your body. The 36 coil springs are rust-resistant, durable and made from premium wire, offering extra springiness to your jumps.

If you want to do some light training, the Soft Bounce Fitness Rebounders are well-suited for your needs. These are designed for comfort and control and are great for performing rebounding exercises. The bounce is deep and soft, making them suitable for kids and elderly, and can contribute to muscle-building and adding strength. For best bouncing trampolines for adults, we always have our customers consider Needak Rebounders which supply premium trampolines in both soft bounce and hard bounce categories.

What makes A Trampoline Best For kids?

Apart from the age group and skill set which is a significant factor in determining the suitability of a trampoline. Some of the other factors that have been listed below can not be ignored while making the purchase decision.

  • Safety and control of bounce.
  • Choosing between covered or springless versions of different trampolines.
  • Determining whether accessories like a ladder and enclosure netting are needed.

What Makes a Best Family Trampoline?

Best Family TrampolineDid you know that trampolining can be a great family activity? It’s both healthy as it allows you to exercise your muscles, and fun because you and your kids can do jumping sessions together! We have added some top suppliers to our portfolio of best trampolines such Texas Trampolines which brings you the Giant Square Trampoline, which measures 15’ x 15’ and can accommodate your entire family. It can installed outdoors in the sun, so your kids will get healthy doses of vitamin D as they play and hence can be considered be one of the best outdoor trampoline, Featuring a top-grade Permatron mat, a high quality galvanized steel frame and 116 ultra-bouncy springs; this trampoline is the perfect addition to homes with young kids.

However, due to its high durability, superior design, and spring less jumping capabilities, The Thunder Trampoline with Enclosure by Vuly is considered to be the best family trampoline and is an amazing option for some idyllic family time. This is a soft-edged trampoline fitted with highly durable leaf springs that give a fun, secure bounce. The net is very sturdy and the frame is coated with rust-resistant powder, which ensures this trampoline will last you a good few years!


What Makes a Best Trampoline for Adults?

Best Trampoline for adults
We have gathered some data from the past purchases and came to a conclusion that some of the best trampolines designed for aged people such as gymnast, athletes and fitness lovers will always have the following features in the trampoline they buy.
  • Ample jumping space can become a playing factor for a majority of the adults who are planning to make the purchase.
  • Best MiniTrampolines for Kids and AdultsThe shape of the trampoline becomes a critical feature to consider because it can be directly correlated with the goals and ambitions of the buyer, i.e. somebody who wants to buy a trampoline for gymnastics might need a lot of jumping space, therefore, choosing a rectangle trampoline might be the best option for him/her.
  • Sufficient padding to help avoid any pains and keep this sports injury free, having sufficient padding on the trampoline can make the safe to use. Therefore whenever you are making the purchase, be sure to look for the padding the trampoline is using. Some of the trampolines that are being part of our inventory i.e. Vuly, Jumpking and Skybound trampoline use high quality and double padded mats on the trampolines that make them safe to jump on.
  • Easy set-up and storage can be cumbersome while joining all the parts together. Having a step by step instruction manual and easy to assemble trampoline solutions have always been our top most priority, and we try our best to provide this information to make the assembly process easy and time-saving.
  • Easy on the pocket At times when you are tight on your budget and still want to make this fun purchase, it might be a wise option to hold off buying an expensive trampoline and instead buy some of the cheap trampolines from Bazoongi trampolines starting at $80.


    Buying The Best Trampoline Brand Is The Only Way To Go!

  • Below, is our "cheat sheet" which shows the most important features for some of the best trampoline brands sold on this website. Click on the trampoline name to visit the actual product page and see each trampolines full features.
Vuly Thunder LargeRound9'11 HighFrame: 10 yearsYes56 Leaf Springs331 lbs$1614.05
Vuly Thunder Extra LargeRound9'11 HighFrame: 10 yearsYes56 Leaf Springs331 lbs$1899.05
Vuly Thunder MediumRound9'11 HighFrame: 10 yearsYes42 Leaf Springs331 lbs$1329.05
Vuly 8 Ft TrampolineRound14'9 HighFrame: 10 yearsYes60 Springs331 lbs$451
Vuly 10 Ft TrampolineRound14'9 HighFrame: 10 yearsYes64 Springs331 lbs$546.25
Vuly 12 Ft TrampolineRound14'9 HighFrame: 10 yearsYes72 Springs331 lbs$664.05
Vuly 14 Ft TrampolineRound14'9 HighFrame: 10 yearsYes88 Springs331 lbs$759.05
Jumpking 15 Ft TrampolineRound35' HighFrame: 1 yearYes96 Springs220 lbs$511.99
Jumpking 14 Ft TrampolineRound35' HighFrame: 1 yearYes84 Springs200 lbs$356.59
Jumpking 8x12 TrampolineOval36' HighFrame: 1 yearYes64 Springs200 lbs$509.49
Bazoongi 12 Ft TrampolineRound35' HighFrame: 1 yearYes60 Springs200 lbs$299.99
Bazoongi 10 Ft TrampolineRound32' HighFrame: 1 yearYes56 Springs200 lbs$275.99
Bazoongi 7.5 Ft TrampolineRound27' HighFrame: 1 yearYes42 Springs175 lbs$229
Bazoongi 55 Inch TrampolineRound55" HighFrame: 1 yearYes36 Springs110 lbs$114.99
Bazoongi 38 X 66 Inch TrampolineOval40" HighFrame: 1 yearYes36 Springs110 lbs$129.99
Needak Rebounder With BarRound40" DiameterFrame: Life TimeNo36 Springs300 lbs$454
Needak Soft Bounce RebounderRound40" DiameterFrame: Life TimeNo36 Springs300 lbs$334
Needak Hard Bounce RebounderRound40" DiameterFrame: Life TimeNo36 Springs300 lbs$359
Skybound 8 Ft TrampolineOctagonal8 FtFrame: 10 yearsYes42 Springs175 lbs$250
Skybound 12 Ft TrampolineRound12 FtFrame: 10 yearsYes84 Springs330 lbs$650
Skybound 7 Ft TrampolineOctagonal7 FtFrame: 10 yearsYes36 Springs110 lbs$179.99
Skybound 14 Ft TrampolineRound14 FtFrame: 10 yearsYes96 Springs330 lbs$499.99
Skybound 40" Kids BouncerRound40"Frame: 10 yearsYes36 Springs100 lbs$73.25
Skybound 14 Ft Heavy DutyRound14 FtFrame: 10 yearsYes96 Springs330 lbs$700
Rave Sports 120 NW Water TrampolineRound44 Sq FtLimited LifetimeNA70 Springs500 lbs$2299.99
Rave Sports 120 Water TrampolineRound65 Sq FtLimited LifetimeNA70 Springs500 lbs$1999.99
Rave Sports 150 Water TrampolineRound44 Sq FtLimited LifetimeNA80 Springs700 lbs$2999.99
Texas 13 X 13 TrampolineSquare36' HighFrame: 1 yearNo96 Springs400 lbs$1420.9
Texas 15 X 17 TrampolineRectangle44' HIghFrame: 1 yearNo124 Springs400 lbs$2199
Texas 10 x 17 Olympic TrampolineRectangle36' HighFrame: 1 yearNo100 Springs400 lbs$1799
Texas 9 x 15 TrampolineRectangle36' HighFrame: 1 yearNo88 Springs350 lbs$1349
Texas 15 x 15 TrampolineSquare44' HighFrame: 1 yearNo116 Springs400 lbs$1745


Top-Rated Trampolines Reviews For 2017

A trampoline is one of the best ways of keeping your kids healthy and spending some quality family time. These playthings are available in a range of brands, designs, sizes, colors, and materials. Our panel of experts has selected the top 5 trampolines that provide some desirable features— safety, affordability, and a great bouncing experience.

SkyBound 14Ft Heavy Duty Trampoline

If you’re planning to get a trampoline for your family, the SkyBound 14Ft Heavy Duty is the best. It has a round shape and is 14 feet in diameter. The best thing about this trampoline is that it has more jumping space than an average trampoline.

To provide protection to the jumper, the trampoline has a safety enclosure. This safety enclosure is designed to prevent jumpers from slipping or falling outside the confines of the trampoline. The jumping surface is durable and is protected against damage from water and ultraviolet rays.Best Outdoor Trampoline By Skybound

The trampoline consists of a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame that can withstand weights up to 245 pounds. High-performance springs are fitted into this model, thereby ensuring that the jumper gets the most thrilling bouncing experience. Another good thing about this product is that it comes with an extended warranty.

According to the reviews and ratings left by buyers, it is considered to be one of the best outdoor trampolines in the market.

Here are some other key features:

  • Powder coated, black steel frame
  • 6 W-shaped legs
  • A concave enclosure net
  • 6 black, curved enclosure poles
  • Black Vinyl coated foam sleeves
  • Two-piece Easy Install PVC trampoline pad
  • Large, 7" premium gold springs (rust resistant) with a Shoe Bag

Thunder Trampoline With Enclosure Extra Large By Vuly

Vuly is a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing premier quality trampolines. Thus, it is no surprise that Thunder Trampoline is added to the list of the top rated trampolines, for it is also considered to be one of the bounciest trampolines. This trampoline is your best option if you are looking for a fully optional trampoline with extra features.

Best Trampoline in Market By VulyFirstly, it comes with a strong safety enclosure, which makes this model a lot safer than trampolines without safety nets. The trampoline is designed in such a way that there is no gap between the jumping surface and the safety enclosure, unlike other similar trampolines. This aspect of the model makes it infinitely safer for the jumper. Parents can comfortably let their children play on this trampoline, knowing the little jumper will be completely safe.

Another good thing about this product is it comes with a warranty for the frame and the jumping surface. For the frame pad, there is a 6-month warranty, and for the net enclosure and other accessories, it is of 90 days. If you are asking yourself this question 'Out of all the options available, which one is the best trampoline to buy?' then this trampoline should be your answer.

Here are some other highlights of the key features:

  • It is made from galvanized, rust-resistant and heavy-duty steel.
  • It consists of 6 W-shaped legs that ensure maximum stability.
  • The jumping surface of this model is 15 feet in diameter.
  • It can withstand weights up to 200 pounds.

Mini Oval Trampoline

Top rated trampolineIf you talk about the trampoline ratings then this trampoline stands tall among the best mini trampoline brands in the market. Especially because of the fact that it is designed for children aged 3 to 6 years having a jumping surface measures 38 x 66 inches and is perfect for introducing your kid to an exciting outdoor activity. The jumping pad is highly sturdy and offers an enjoyable bounce It also comes with two handlebars that the kid can easily grip while jumping.

This model is perfect for kids especially if you want to encourage your child to enjoy physical activities like bouncing and jumping. It also helps in building strength and coordination amongst your leg and arm muscle and improve their proprioceptive senses.The handle is covered with soft foam for maximum comfort. The product can sustain weights up to 110 lbs.

Here are some other highlights of the key features:

  • This model is ideal if you want to introduce your child to healthy and stamina-building outdoor physical activities like bouncing and jumping.
  • It also helps in arm and leg muscle coordination and strengthening, visual motor coordination and proprioceptive senses.
  • It is considered as one of the safest indoor trampolines for kids.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty for the jumping surface and the frame. For the net enclosure and other accessories, the warranty is for 90 days. For the frame pad, it is for 6 months.
  • Trampoline consists of 4 rubber-tipped legs which prevent it from slipping.

15x17 Texas Extreme Rectangular Trampoline

The 15x17 Texas Extreme Rectangular Trampoline is slightly different compared to most other similar trampolines. Firstly, it is rectangular in shape whereas most other trampolines have rounded shapes. It is similar to the trampoline model typically used by gymnasts for training and warm-up sessions. This model provides the jumper with an increased bouncing effect. You can look forward to hours of thrill and excitement with your family on this trampoline.

Best outdoor trampoline with enclosureThis trampoline is perfect for practicing gymnastic and cheerleading routines. In this way, your children can train for their school’s extracurricular activities right in the comfort of their homes. Despite its elongated shape, it does not take up a lot of space in your backyard. You can place it either horizontally or vertically in your yard. It is a heavy-duty model that can withstand weights up to 400 lbs. The springs and the poles of the trampoline are padded with foam to prevent injury to the jumper.

This model is very popular among users and is of high quality, which is why it make it to our list. Many professional gymnasts tend to buy it for practicing their routines and trying out new stunts. It is widely regarded as one of the safest fitness trampolines. Another thing that buyers like most about this product are that it comes with an extended warranty.

Here are some other highlights of the key features:

  • 16’4” x 14'4” 11 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame, 44" High
  • 14' x 12' = 168 Square Feet of Jumping Surface
  • 750 Lbs. Bursting Strength for Maximum Bounce (400 lb. Maximum Weight Limit)
  • 2” Thick, 12” Wide 20 oz. Reversible Vinyl Safety Pad
  • Pad Color: Green
  • 124 – 8.5” Heavy Duty Galvanized "Ultra Bounce" Springs

12-foot Trampoline With Enclosure By Vuly

This is one of the best family trampolines. A great thing about this model is that it is very affordable. It comes with a safety enclosure net which makes it safe for your children to jump on. Even adults can jump and have loads of fun on this trampoline.

Safest Trampoline By VulyThis trampoline has a jumping surface of 12 feet. Vuly is renowned for its craftsmanship, and its products are of consummate quality. It is no surprise that this model also conforms to the brand’s high standards. The product is fitted with robust steel springs and padded with soft foam, which makes it particularly safe for children and adults. This model comes with a tool that can be used to pull spring most of the trampoline brands does not provide this tool with trampolines.

It is included in the list as it comes with a vast array of features as compared to other trampolines in the same price range. It is rated as one of the safest outdoor trampolines available in stores.

Here are some of the best features for this trampoline:

  • UV-rated Silk Terylene enclosure provides supported flexibility.
  • Signature trampoline door overlaps with part of the safety net to ensure that there's no accidental contact with the frame.
  • Strong and sturdy galvanized and powder-coated steel frame clicks together quickly and easily for a fast installation.
  • Free of Nuts & Bolts with a quick assembly solution
  • The frame is powder coated matte jet-black, making it scratch and rust resistant.
  • Up-down tapered springs require less energy, create the best bounce for all users and alleviate pressure on joints.
  • Net poles made from Vuly's unique oval shaped tubing flex with ease to accommodate bouncing and they come with a 5 years warranty.
  • Contains reversible trampoline safety pads that provide a fresh look every time you flip them over. These pads are water and UV resistant, so you can be sure they'll last.

So those are some of the best-rated trampolines for the year 2017. The features listed above will help you determine which one you want to buy for maximum family fun and excitement.