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Working Out On A Trampoline - A Caloric Break Down

Posted by Sandilealex on 9/17/2018
Working Out On A Trampoline - A Caloric Break Down

We all remember the fun times we had as kids jumping up and down on trampolines. What you may not know is that this is actually a form of workout. 

A study by NASA showed that jumping on a trampoline for ten minutes has a greater effect on your cardiovascular system than a thirty minutes jog. With that in mind, the question that remains is how does one burn calories on a trampoline?

Burning calories on a Trampoline

In recent years, trampolining has grown in popularity as a way to burn calories. Jumping has been found to be one of the most effective ways of burning fat. While most workout jumps are done in the form of rope-skipping, trampolining is rapidly being considered as an alternative especially by beginners.

One of the greatest benefits of trampolining is the reduced chances of injury, especially to the joints. Most cardio workouts put significant pressure on the knees and the ankles which could lead to injury. Jumping up and down on a trampoline is much safer since the shock is absorbed by the trampoline.

To work out on a trampoline, you simply need to jump for a set amount of time. 

There is no required technique for jumping.

  • For an adult weighing about 150 pounds, a 30-minute workout on a trampoline burns about 126 calories. 
  • For a heavier adult of about 200 pounds, the same workout will burn about 167 calories. 
  • For a one hour workout, the calories burnt would be 252 and 334 calories respectively for these two individuals.

The amount of calories that are burnt depends on the intensity of the jumps. The weight, height, and age also come into play. As is evident above, the heavier a person is, the more calories they will burn when trampolining.

Getting the best trampoline for working out

If you are serious about getting in shape, then you should consider getting a rebounder. Rebounders are small enough to even fit in your living room and are highly portable. When jumping on a rebounder, the amount of calories burnt is slightly higher than when using a regular trampoline.

For a 200 pound adult, a 30-minute workout would burn 213 pounds while for a 150-pound adult, the number of calories burnt is 159. With these numbers, using a rebounder will help you cut as many calories as going for a brisk walk or doing some water aerobics.

Trampolines and rebounders also happen to be rather affordable for most people. For just a few dollars you can have yourself a decently sized rebounder both for fun and for working out. There are many trampolines on sale on most shopping sites.

Benefits of using a trampoline for your cardiovascular Workout

1. Trampolines are fun and enjoyable. Unlike other forms of workout that seem like torture, trampolining seems more like a fun game rather than a workout session.

2. Trampolines are designed to absorb the shock as you jump thus reducing potential injuries to your joints.

3. Trampolines are cheap and affordable.

4. There are no rules on how to jump which makes it beginner-friendly.

5. Jumping is a highly effective way of working out and burns significantly more calories than other cardio workouts.


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