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How To Measure Trampoline Mat

Posted by Ken Lube on 8/22/2018
How To Measure Trampoline Mat

Trampolines are a lot of fun but not entirely maintenance-free. From time to time, you will need a replacement mat and springs as well. in this post, we will show you exactly how to measure trampoline mat so that when you need a new trampoline mat, it will be easy to find the right size.

How To Measure Octagonal Trampoline Mat

Measuring an octagonal mat is a little different to how you measure differently-shaped ones. As always, you look at the size of the frame rather than the jumping mat itself but the way that you measure it is slightly different.

You need to measure the frame from corner to corner, rather than from side to side. This is fairly easy to get right. Start with one corner and then run a straight line across to the opposite corner. You are going to need to take a second measurement as well.

This one will be at the corners that are perpendicular to the ones that you chose first. Think of it like a compass reading. Your first measurement will be North to South. The next measurement will be East to West.

You are going to measure from the very outside of the metal edge and then check that the two measurements agree. If they do not, add the two measurements together and then divide this figure in half to figure out what the average size is. 

A Video demonstration from Skybound on how to measure your trampoline Mat 

If you really want to, you can measure four corners and take an average from that instead. If you do that, add all the measurements together and then divide them by the overall number of measurements taken.

This is the most accurate way to figure out what size your replacement mat should be, but you will also get adequate results by just taking the first two measurements that we suggested.

It is important to take these two sets of measurements because it is possible that the frame has become damaged over time. This becomes even more important when the trampoline gets older. There is a lot of tension on the frame itself and so it can warp slightly over time.

The difference shouldn’t be huge, but it isn’t worth taking a chance here and getting it wrong. It might also make a difference to the measurements if the trampoline is sitting on an uneven surface so do take that into account as well.

You must measure corner to corner rather than side to side because this measurement is longer. As a fun experiment, try comparing the length from one corner to another to the one from one side to another. You will find that these are very different readings.

It is also important to ensure that all the springs are in place when you measure. If a spring is missing, or overstretched, your mat won’t be pulled as tight as it should be and that could result in you getting an inaccurate measurement.

It is also a good idea to use a metal snap tape measure as this has an end that you can easily hook over one side. These tape measures will not stretch and so you will get an accurate read. If you are using a standard tape measure, you are going to need someone to help you hold it in place.

How To Measure Your Trampoline For A Round Mat

A round mat is simple enough to measure. You will again need to start taking the measurement at the frame’s outer edge. Run this along to the opposite side and take the measurement. Again, as we suggested with the octagonal frame, take a second measurement perpendicular to the first.

Add the two measurements together and divide the new figure in half to work out what the average is. If you feel that your frame has become slightly warped, you can take some more measurements in a few other places as well. Again, add these together and divide by the number of measurements taken.

We do suggest checking the measurements again before you order the new mat. Getting the wrong size can end up being dangerous as it increases the chance of tearing.

Like with the octagonal frame, wear and tear can also affect the actual shape of the frame over time. This is normal and not too much of a cause for concern as long as it isn’t broken, or it hasn’t weakened.

Depending on the size of the trampoline, and the type of tape measure that you use, you may once again need someone to help you out with the actual measuring. Also, you do need to make sure that the springs are all in their correct positions.

You wouldn’t think that the metal would change position too much because of the springs but it really does.

How To Measure A Mat For A Square Trampoline

Square trampolines are probably the easiest shape to measure. Again, you will want to take two separate measurements, just to make sure that the frame has not warped in any way.

Start at any one of the sides and measure across to the opposite side. Repeat the process running along the sides that you didn’t measure before. This will give you the actual size of the


How To Measure A Mat For A Rectangular Trampoline

This is just as simple as is the case with the square trampoline. Measure across the short sides, and then measure across the longer sides. That will give you the surface area that you will need when looking for the new mat.

Again, don’t skip taking these dual measurements or you may end up getting the wrong size. It is always better to be safe than sorry in this case.


Getting the right size when ordering a new mat depends on how well you measure your existing one. Now you know exactly how to measure, you should always get the right size going forward. We hope that this post has been helpful and helps you get years more of bouncy fun.

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