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Things To Do On A Trampoline

Posted by Kelly U Martin on 3/25/2017
Things To Do On A Trampoline

Trampolines can be used in many ways depending on your needs. For some, they can be used as a jumping castle of sorts where birthday parties can be held while for others it may serve as excellent exercise equipment. Whether you want to use trampolines purely for fun or would like to keep yourself fit and healthy by using them, one thing is for certain these trampolines will invariably ensure that you enjoy what you are doing. So be the coolest house in your lane by purchasing a trampoline that best fulfills your requirements!

Add Some Water

Things to do on a trampolinePut a sprinkler under or to one side of the trampoline and bask in the sun while your children jump around you in their bathing suits. This will be a well spent, active day ideal for summers. Your children can jump and splash around as much as they want, however some safety precautions must be taken. It is advisable to add water to only those trampolines which are protected against rust and have a full safety net enclosure such as the Vuly Thunder Trampoline. The wet surface of the trampoline becomes very slippery and thus increases the chances of accidents and injuries. So children should not be left alone and should be under adult supervision at all times to ensure safety.

Play Basketball!

Trampoline Basket Ball Hoop by VulyThe 15ft large trampoline enclosure helps to keep you safe and secure. A basketball hoop can be hooked to one side of the safety net enclosure. This adds a whole new dimension of fun to your backyard and trampoline! You can even hold weekly basketball competitions in the 15ft large trampoline.

Other Fun Activities for Young Children

Using a chalk, you could draw a hopscotch board on the surface of the 40-inch SkyBound trampoline and take turns jumping across. You could even play Simon says but with extra bounce and more fun!

Adults too can use trampolines in a number of useful and beneficial ways. Here is an illustration of some the fun activities that can really take your jumping routine to the next level.

Low Impact Cardio

You can do lunges, jumping jacks, high jumps, squats and other cardio related exercises without damaging your knees too much. In order to stay in shape, you could run in place or run around the perimeter of a SkyBound 14 ft. heavy duty trampoline. Its extensive safety mechanism which includes net meshing, six galvanized steel poles for sturdiness and safety foam covered in a thin film coated vinyl ensures that vigorous exercise can take place.

Yoga and Kick Boxing

Some of your favorite yoga postures can be tested out on a trampoline to improve balance and concentration. Trampolines promises endless hours of fun and exciting kick boxing with higher jumps and faster reaction time!

Sit Ups and Warm Ups

Sit ups on a trampoline are better for your back as they do not cause strains or pains. So they provide you with a good surface to carry out your daily workout routine. Warm ups before a run can also be done on a trampoline as they will keep your muscles energized without wearing them out before the run.

Hence you can do a lot on a trampoline depending on the type of trampoline you own and what you want to use it for.

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