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Aqua Jump Eclipse 120

Aqua Jump Eclipse 120

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Aqua Jump Eclipse 120 is one of the most top quality trampolines available in the market. This trampoline has no heavy steel frame which subsequently provides with 30% more jumping surface. Moreover, it is 30% lesser in weight than the regular trampoline. The average time to set it up is 25 min, which is lesser than setting up conventional water trampolines.

The company aims to provide their customers with best trampolines which can easily be used by children and adults. Before use, make sure you put a little pressure on the water tube which should feel as firm as a basketball and create a more bouncy effect. This will ensure the jumper has more fun and can burn more calories.

It is made of good quality plastic that has been treated for mildew and mold. It is also treated for UV rays so that it does not get ruined in sunlight and so lasts longer than other trampolines. It will enable you to keep your family active in summer vacations as well.

This trampoline has a jumping surface of 44 square feet. It is 12 feet in diameter and can be used by 2 adults or 4 children at a time. It comes with a ladder that consists of 3 steps so that children can easily climb up and down. It also has high-speed deflator/inflator machine which will speed up the process of setting up this trampoline. It also comes with an anchor connector kit which is a great help for users.


  • Gender: Male or Female
  • 44 sq. ft. jump surface
  • 12'2" x 26" inflated
  • Commercial grade, reinforced construction
  • 2 adults or 4 children (500 lbs. max)
  • 65 lbs. product weight
  • 25-35 min. set-up
  • 10' water depth required
  • Anchor weight depends on your lake bottom and conditions. 25-75 lbs. recommended anchor weight
  • 70 (5-1/4") springs
  • 10 alternating panels
  • Includes 3 step ladder, 70 (5-1/4") springs, RAVE High-Speed Inflator/Deflator and Anchor Connector Kit
  • Available attachments include Aqua Slide, small; Aqua Log, small; and Slidewalk
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Details: 12'2" x 26" inflated 
  • Commercial grade, reinforced construction 
  • 2 adults or 4 children (500 lbs. max) 65 lbs. 
  • product weight 65 Lbs
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