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9x15 Texas Standard Rectangular Trampoline

9x15 Texas Standard Rectangular Trampoline

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Standard Rectangular Trampoline

If you have a narrow backyard, the 9’ x 15’ Standard Rectangular Trampoline is the perfect size and model to allow you to enjoy trampolining in that slender space. The trampoline frame is just 36” tall, which makes it perfect for use by children as well. There is no need to get a separate ladder, and that makes this a very affordable option. The 11 Gauge galvanized steel frame is rust and corrosion proof, giving the frame a longer life. Also, the heaviness of the frame makes the trampoline sturdy and stable against the wind and high-impact rebounding—you do not have to worry about the trampoline moving from its place when in use.

This model has 72 square feet of jumping surface –which means ideally only one person should be using it to avoid any injuries or accidents. The 2-inch thick pad is made up of close cell polyethylene Permatron material which is of high density, allowing the pad to retain its shape even after high-intensity use –and thus providing you with the needed cushioning. To give the pad a longer life, it has been coated with 20 oz. Vinyl on both sides, making it reversible. And perhaps the best thing about this trampoline are its ultra-bounce springs.

The heavy duty galvanized springs are set at a spring count of 88 springs per 8.5”, making this trampoline super bouncy and fun to use—however, the superior spring quality ensure the bounce is slow and controlled to allow safety for the user. This is one of the safest trampolines in the markets, fulfilling all of the ATSM requirements—so if you’re looking for a trampoline for kids, this can be a perfect choice.The Standard rectangle outdoor trampoline features a rugged, galvanized construction with a Permatron mat and extra-wide frame pads to cover springs, & frame. This trampoline is the safest on the market and surpasses all ASTM requirements.

Standard Rectangular Trampoline's Top Features

  • 14’ 4” x 8’ 4” 11 Gauge Structural Galvanized Steel Frame, 36" Tall
  • 12’ x 6’ = 72 Square Feet of Jumping Surface
  • #1 Grade Permatron Trampoline Material
  • 750 Lbs. Bursting Strength for Maximum Bounce (350 # Weight Limit)
  • 2” Thick, 12” Wide 20 oz. Reversible Vinyl Safety Pad
  • Color: Green
  • 88 8.5” Heavy Duty Galvanized "Ultra Bounce" Springs
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